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I knew snails way back in my childhood days. My lola used to cook it when my lolo had some fresh catch of it from the farm. Easy way of preparing it is by simmering in a sour soup with lots of veggies.

Yesterday my favorite susong pilipit (long twisted shells) was not available in the market, I have to buy its look-a-like, a flattened harder shell and with the same size, for my coconut milk dish (ginataan).

Preparation of snails have to be washed thoroughly and submerging it in water after will remove unnecessary soil residue. Clip-off tip by using a cleaver. 

Snails is one exotic delicacy in the Philippines, you may find it disgusting, but for me its one dish a good kisser won’t resist!

I love vegetables, you’ll get to see it in the blog. For this dish, winged bean or sigarilyas will be a nice addition (or any  variety of vegetables you can think of available locally will be fine), have a generous amount of coconut milk making it creamy and flavorful. It’s up to you if you want it spicy (then add chilis) or not.

Snails & winged beans in coconut milk (Ginataang Suso at Sigarilyas)
19 Nov 2011 | Antipolo

Photo by VerJube Photographics.

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