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I can’t think of the usual holiday dishes that’s why I prepared something that the family really appreciates. Bulalo (Beef Marrow Stew), Steamed Tilapia, Pesang Dalag (Stewed Mudfish), Grilled Bangus and Dinamita Wraps (Fried Chilis and Cheese in Lumpia Wrapper). 

It may not be the best holiday dishes but sure its served with love. Comfort food is the best!

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A Pesa Story
Pesang Dalag | Angono | 11 Feb 2012

Had some sweet potatoes, boiled saba and petchay in my plate for lunch today. It’s one of Lola Chloe’s favorite dish. Pesang dalag is a stewed fish like dish specifically with dalag (mudfish) with veggies, easy to cook, easy to eat and light yet still can be delicious. Lola is not getting any younger and she had some problems with the food she used to eat in her younger days and this dish is one of the amazing food she can’t stop eating.

Pesa for me was just any other ordinary dishes. You can savour for it  when you have no time to cook for a complicated recipe or when you have no extra money to buy ingredients, but it’s not. It came to my knowledge that it had to be one of Pateros’ (where Lola Chloe grew up) favorite picnic food in the older days usually paired with enseladang mangga and shrimp paste.

It’s just basically boiled dalag fish (rubbed with salt, gutted, washed and drained) in a water (optional rice water) with ginger, onions, whole peppercorns for about 3 to 5 minutes because fish cooks fast. Then you can set aside the fish first before adding your veggies. Vegetables for Pesa can be potatoes, sweet potatoes, saba (banana), upo (gourd), repolyo (cabbage), petchay tagalog or pechay baguio. You can put fish sauce to taste ang green onions for garnish.


Here’s Lola’s portrait taken last March of 2010, she’s stronger then than now, truly a strong woman. Amazing how long life can be. Here’s a simple tribute to her, I shall be cooking her signature dishes soon, for now cheers to SABAW!


What makes it special now is the memories of happiness left in me and Ver with Lola everytime we share this food in the table, it’s priceless to feel her satisfaction.

We LOVE this LOLA.